Life Coach C E Sam Empowers black professional millennial women to stop feeling stressed and frustrated dating men who waste their time as they try to find the one

Ready to Recognize If the Man You're Dating
Is Serious About Committing to You?

If so, enter your name and email to get access to my free 5 minute video that explains 5 mistakes that women make when dating new men that keep them stressed, frustrated, and from ever getting married to a commitment ready man serious about building for a lifetime.24 hours doesn't seem long, but in 24 hours you could change your life. So go ahead and do something life-changing now.

Queens, I Want to Empower You to Attract Commitment Ready Men!


Exalted Royalty: a person who recognizes who he or she is and lives like it; a person who knows who he or she is in Christ and lives like it

So What Do I Do? I Serve You Queens!

If you didn’t believe that you were worthy of a serious principle minded man ready to build and commit to you for a lifetime you wouldn’t be here because you already know👉 you’re getting older everyday
👉 you can’t get your time back
👉 you live a busy life
… And you don’t need to get in anymore stressful and frustrating relationships that are not worth your valuable time and irreplaceable energyMy purpose is to empower you to get what you desire and deserve – to equip you with tools and techniques to identify deceitful guys in dating who don’t mean you any goodIf you're not gathering data about the person you are with then you're really not dating

Why You Should Care?
Because You're Tired...

👉Tired of wasting your time in dead end relationships feeling like you're losing your mind dealing with unnecessary drama and stress👉Tired of spending countless hours day after day having the same frustrating arguments with the same brother who has a different name👉And you know you’ve had it with guys who feel entitled to lay in your bed at night, yet disrespect you in the morning light👉Besides most of all you know you deserve to minimize your stress and have not just a man but a husband whose kingdom minded and treats you like the Queen you know you areAnd he should because not only are you a Queen, but you're Exalted RoyaltyYour mindset affects your conscious and unconscious mind, so you must steward it well

What's In It For You? Results!

👉 No more late nights pacing the floor or siting up waiting and wondering if your boyfriend is going to call, text, or come by
👉 No more stressing over if your boyfriend is playing games with your heart and running the street with other women
👉 No more frustrating conversations telling your boyfriend that you’re a good woman and explaining to him why you’re worthy of compassion, consistency, and commitment
Instead, you’ll walk away expecting the men you date to treat you as the Royal Queen you are and be able to recognize him – the man who is dating you for commitmentEndless challenges in life are a must, but you have what it takes to excel within

Why You Should Choose Me? I Know How You Feel...

To meet a man or even reunite with someone from your pass and invest your time, energy, and loyalty in him only to find out after the fact the man you were committed to building a life with wasn’t serious about you is devastating and frustrating.It makes you mad and sad. It causes you to feel like a fool who won’t or can’t find a loyal, faithful, committed man to love you for you. But you’re not in fact you’re far from it.I value you and understand that you want and need your business to remain private and confidential.You also want and need to feel comfortable and respected.So, I offer you an invitation to transform your life, not with a life coach, but as a Queen speaking life to empower you another Queen with the commitment to provide you
👉 trust 👉 integrity and 👉 objectivity
Your life is yours to live productively and sometimes that means leaving old familiarity for new uncertainty


Serves by providing you results that maximize your time, minimize your stress, and streamlines your life so you get transformations with yourself, as well as in your relationships to purposely live life with conscious intentionality


EXALTED ROYALTY VALUESSERVICE delivered with clear communication, trust, balance, respect, and disciplineACCOUNTABILITY delivered with a
responsible, humble, honest, and result-oriented
QUALITY VALUE delivered with a customer focused experience of importance and
appreciation because you are royalty

Need positive results and transformation in your life and relationships? Why wait???


I help young single busy frustrated principled women struggling in dating minimize their stress and frustration and maximize their time to recognize common dating mistakes and best mindset practices to identify what the qualities, traits, behaviors, and mindset of a committed principled minded man look like in a relationship(Over 40? It's okay. Still, so that you may have the best results for your individual needs you may receive a referral or recommendation)* Dating Services for men accepted on case by case basis as is mindset, collegiate, and healthy lifestyle sessionsSet apart from the rest by prioritizing your best and nothing less

BEWARE, in dating, to stop guys from wasting your valuable
time, you MUST recognize when they don’t mean you any good
and take action to do something about it... And there's no time
better than the NOW!